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At ProtectAllKids, we believe it’s crucial to invest in preventive resources that will help improve safety, education, social behavior, and emotional health for all school kids. We recommend a revamp of our schools’ curriculum to include innovative, practical, and real-world subject electives. Students’ work experiences like internships and apprenticeships should be mandatory. We should encourage more collaboration between students and corporations. Doing so will help our school kids stay engaged in activities that will positively advance their mental growth. For more details, please click the link below for article by our founder – Ms. Chieastre.


A study by the U.S. Secret Service found that nearly three-quarters of school shooters experienced bullying or harassment in their school. At Protectallkids, we believe it is necessary to hire specialists who will work on ending bullying in schools by providing aid and counseling to troubled kids from broken homes. By investing in psychotherapy, we can ensure every school kid feels loved and safe in their respective learning environment.

End Recidivism

Our COOT (Crime Out Our Turf) team will create correction programs that effectively address the criminogenic needs of repeat offenders. Our COOT project facilitators will focus on creating after-school events and student-community outreach programs to help reduce the rate of crime and recidivism in our communities. We will also award teachers through our Hazard Pay Initiative. We reserve this monetary award for teachers who go above and beyond to protect the best interest of the students under their care and supervision.

The change we want to see!

What must be done to end active school shootings in our schools? What can we as Americans do to improve the quality  of the fundamental standard of living in America? What are you most dissatisfied with? Please voice your opinion by voting on which of these resolutions to Americans’ High-profile Issues take precedence over the others. Scroll up to VOTE NOW or click here to leave a comment. Thanks