Angel Leeds

Superintendent of district 7

Amila Yong

Superintendent of District 6

Manta Kols

Superintendent of District 5

These models show how the profile of each superintendent will appear on our site after they create their profile. Our site visitors can “filter” by state to search for their school district’s superintendent.

According to K12 school data by k12 Prospects, there are about 15,244 school district superintendents, 142,958 school principals including principals of public schools, charter schools, private schools, catholic schools, magnet schools, alternative education schools, special education schools, and vocational schools and 400,103 teachers in America.

At ProtectAllKids, we thought it will be more efficient to manage requests from 15,244 superintendents. To request funds from our charity, students, parents, and teachers of each school must work with the school’s principal to come up with a concise proposal. The school’s principal will relay all requests to the superintendent of their school district.

For the sake of transparency, we require superintendents of each participating school district to create an account on our site’s member portal. Our charity will validate each member’s account before he or she can request and receive funds from our organization. We will share the number of equipment and funds disbursed to each state’s school district. Our site’s visitors can click on the Superintendents tab on our site’s menu to view how we allocate and disburse funds.