Congrats on deciding to contest for our Creative American Award. This award is worth $250,000. Our winner will also receive a gift certificate to show that award is tax-free.


Please make a short video (5 to 10 minutes) in which you talk about yourself and show off your personality, originality, talent, or novel idea. Wow us! First impression matters. This is your opportunity to gloat and convince Americans that you deserve the grand prize. Below are tips on how to make the video:

If you are applying as part of a team of collaborators, collaborators may appear together in a single audition video. Showcase your talent and talk about your business proposal to depict how you will help boost our economy.

Here are some questions we expect you to answer in your video submission or on a concise business proposal.

1. What’s your name, where are you from and what do you do for a living?  

2. What is your business/product? Start by saying “My business is…” and then describe what your business or product is. (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT! WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR BUSINESS OR PRODUCT IS!)

3. How will the spend the funds if you win?  

4. Be Specific: If this is for Seed Funding or a Series A round, make sure you say that. 

5. Please describe your product/business. 

a. What is so interesting or unique about your product/business? What is your HOOK? Your hook is key to an interesting pitch so explain this with lots of energy.

b. Why will people feel they must have your product/business or honor your talent?

c. Is it patented or is the patent-pending?

d. What’s the development stage of your talent/business/product? Is it just an idea, a working prototype/business plan or is it an existing product or business on the market? Are you satisfied with your development so far? How far along could you be with additional funds?

e. Is your product or business generating revenue at the moment? If so, how much revenue has the product or business generated?

f. How or why does it work? (please demonstrate if you can.)

g. How is your product or business different from similar ideas? What makes yours unique or better?

h. How did you come up with the idea? Explain your breakthrough moment and share your story! You’re the person behind the business so celebrate yourself!

6. Do you have any sales? If yes, make sure you explain why your sales are what they are – whether they are high or low.

7. How much have you invested in your business/product? What would happen if you can’t get your business off the ground? 

8. When did you invent or become an aspiring entrepreneur? What influenced this decision?  

9. What does your talent/new idea/business/product mean to you?  

10. What is your goal for your business/talent/product? 

11. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

12. What has been your biggest challenge so far? 

13. What does your family and/or friends think of your business/product? 

* Do not include Marketing/Advertising in the amount of $ you’re asking for.


* Have “Infomercial” energy, and please stand up. Do not sit down while taping – it brings your energy down.

* Brag about any accolades you’ve received.


It should not be longer than 10 minutes.


Have someone else record you or use a tripod. Don’t hold the camera yourself. Please shoot landscape (horizontal) and not portrait (vertical). When shooting indoors, turn all the lights on. DO NOT tape in front a window with sunlight streaming in – this will cause silhouetting and we cannot see your face. When shooting outdoors, avoid shooting with the sun behind you; this will also cause silhouetting. Make sure we can hear you. Be audible. 

*Make sure you save a copy of your video on your computer.


1. If your video is less than 25MG you can send you submission to You can upload your video to our google drive or use dropbox. We will post your video so that the public can see your submission, rate your idea, give you feedback, and vote for you when voting opens up.

2. Include a picture or drawing of your product/idea/business/etc. and show samples of your product if applicable.

Thank you!

may the best talent win!