Yes, ProtectAllKids, Inc. is an IRS approved Charity organization. Our Deductibility Code is PC (Public Charity) which means, we are an organization eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Click here to download the lRS determination letter that confirms our charity’s tax-exempt status. Users may rely on this information to determine the deductibility of their contributions.

About our partners


We partnered with Oracle Taleo – the world’s most used job recruitment platform and largest Applicant Tracking System to bring these jobs to American residents during this grueling time.  Click to lear more about Oracle.


We also partnered with Paychex – our nation’s best payroll provider for new businesses. Paychex will ensure our interns and employees receive their paychecks on time. Click to learn more about Paychex.

3: Blackbaud 

 Blackbaud is a cloud computing provider that serves businesses like nonprofits, foundations, education institutions, and healthcare organizations. We used Blackbaud to create a powerful fundraising platform for our crisis relief campaign. Click here to learn more about our peer-to-peer fundraising powered by Justgiving. 

  • Your charity provides security solutions to school districts, what are the most common concerns?

Most school boards are typically concerned about the high cost of bulletproof doors, metal detectors, X-ray baggage scanners, and other security equipment. There is also concern about what the costs will be to staff and maintain the security equipment. These costs, over time, will significantly exceed the value of the procurement of these products. Our charity organization will take care of the concerns associated with expenses incurred in the process of purchasing and installing security equipment in each school. We are currently working with manufacturers like Smiths Detection, TSS, Garrett USA, and CEIA USA to get the lowest price possible without compromising the quality of the security system.

  • How many baggage scanners, metal detectors and screening staff are you going to hire to man each security post?

There is a need for one walkthrough metal detector per 1000 students. Depending on the school entrance layout, our screener can properly check-in 500 students per hour per walkthrough. We recommend three screeners per walkthrough & baggage scanning station or 5 screeners for two walkthroughs & baggage scanning stations.

  •  Will the screening guard screen only students above a certain age?

All students regardless of age will pass through the metal detector. Parents must ensure their kid(s) bag doesn’t contain metals that will trigger the metal detector. Parents’ willingness to do their part, will help speed up the check-in process. We will also suggest a “Transparent backpack policy” to schools. This switch to Clear Transparent Backpack will make it hard for an active student shooter to conceal a heavy-caliber weapon.

  • Would an X-ray system be needed to speed up the processing? What has to be done to ensure the check-in process doesn’t disrupt students from being on- time?

Yes. Highly populated schools will receive X-ray baggage scanners in addition to handheld and walkthrough metal detectors. Garrett USA offers a school package that includes a Walk-Through, Caster Set (wheels) & battery backup to operate the unit without the use of an electrical cord. We will also determine if the school wants to conduct 100% screening or random screening. Adjusting (staggering) the arrivals of transportation and students will be put into consideration. We will ultimately replicate the check-in methodology used by schools with already-installed metal detectors.

  • Are the screeners trained to handle students when they discover that a student(s) have a weapon or have a contraband item in their book bags?

We intend to work with the police department in each school district to ensure law enforcement is feasible and deployable when necessary.

  • What are the liability aspects on both sides; screeners and students, especially in a situation a screener finds a weapon?

We plan to hire law enforcement officers, who are well trained to enforce and maintain law, order, and discipline. These officers will ensure students and trespassers understand that they are liable for any act that violates or jeopardizes the security of the school premises. Students or trespassers in possession of a weapon will be held accountable for their actions.

  • Who will be in charge of the maintenance and daily set-up of the units?

Our new hire on-board training will include a daily set-up of the security units. Routine maintenance of these units will be carried out by the tech support specialists who installed the units. We will work with the manufacturers that supplied and installed the security system in each school to mandate routine maintenance.

Our Fundraising Strategies

I: #BillionDollarChallenge

The billion-dollar challenge is one of our fundraising strategies.
According to Credit Suisse’s global wealth report, there are about 18.6 million millionaires and billionaires in America. has featured over 1,800 American companies on its Fortune 500 list. 

We are hopeful that most American millionaires, billionaires, and Fortune 500 companies will donate to our crisis relief campaign. We will have enough funds to support our crisis relief program. All donations are tax-deductible. All our gifts are tax-free.

II: Guinness World Record competition

Competition breeds success!

As part of our strategy to meet our fundraising goals, we are competing for three Guinness World Record titles. The first competition is for the most money raised online for charity in 24 hours. The second competition is for the most money raised online in 24 hours by an individual campaign. The third competition is for the most individual donations for a campaign on a single platform in 24 hours.

The current world record holders for these titles are PayPal Inc., UK’s Mr. Sutton, and China. For us to win these titles, we need over 106,000 donors to donate in 24 hours. The total amount of funds raised in 24 hours must exceed forty-six million dollars. We are keen to win these Guinness World Record titles for the most money raised by a charity during a pandemic. We will use all the funds we raise to order medical supplies in bulk and pay our contractors on time.

III: Through our lottery-style fundraising campaigns.

Inter-state campaign competition

We have set up four concurrent campaigns on our site based on regional divisions used by the US Census Bureau. Our first campaign, titled the Northeast region campaign, will receive donations from residents and supporters of these nine states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Our 2nd campaign, titled Midwest region campaign, will receive donations from residents and supporters of these 12 states. Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri.

Our 3rd campaign, titled The South region campaign, will receive donations from residents & supporters of these 17 states. Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Our 4th campaign, titled The West region campaign, will receive donations from residents & supporters of these 13 states. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii.

ProtectAllKids will reward the winning region through our Gift Giving program. For example, if funds raised by the residents and supporters of the Northeast region surpass funds raised by other regions, schools in the Northeast region will receive extra funding based on the number of donors.  The winning region will be selected based on the amount raised. We will also consider the ratio of the total number of donors to the population of that region. Our Gift Giving program will motivate more Americans and supporters of our mission to participate in our inter-state campaign competition.

IV: Proceeds from Live auction

ProtectAllKids will auction off rare luxury items. Proceeds from the auction will go towards hiring highly skilled Veterans to serve as security specialists in US schools.

V: Recurring Donations

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that there is continuous sustainability of income-generating projects for our mission. We will use 
Direct mail fundraising, 
Digital fundraising, 
Telephone fundraising
Print fundraising
Radio fundraising
Direct Response Television (DRTV) fundraising, and 
Face-to-face fundraising to ensure a non-stop influx of donations to support our mission.

Other sources of fundraising.

Petitioning larger corporations for direct contributions.

On our Youtube channel, we will post tutorials, reviews, unique content, and viral videos. Our Youtube channel will generate revenue from ads and other Youtube revenue streams. Proceeds will go towards our total fundraising goal.

Other funding sources like State / Federal Matching Funds/Grants. We will get legislators to agree to match corporate contributions.

We plan to set up campaign partnerships with businesses. Each business will inform their customers that a % of their purchase will go towards our mission to create new jobs and procure security systems for our schools.

Grocery shopping is an everyday American activity. Thus, we will work with supermarket chains to have a barcoded sheet with different contributions. Shoppers will be allowed to donate $1, $3, $5, $10, etc. at the time of checkout. This setup would not only fundraise at the point of sale but more importantly, create awareness in support of our ongoing mission.

Rate Your Representative. State, Local & US Representatives will be rated based on their willingness to help and the efficacy of their help. Petitioning them and then having a corresponding grade that matches their effectiveness in assisting schools with their enhanced screening procedures could be very impactful. We will base the ratings on, (1) how helpful they have been in their response, based on a set of predetermined matrices, and (2) the actual, effected change enacted.

Security Equipment price packages. We will develop a list of equipment packages for sponsorship by individuals and corporations. Sponsors can pick the bundle they are willing to sponsor, or even partner with other organizations/individuals to cover an entire school district.

Proof of Sponsorship. Any sponsored equipment will have the logo/name of the sponsor.

Advertising & Awareness. How Much is a Child’s Life Worth? We will get the media to help raise the awareness of this price per student. Through school board meetings, corporate & educational trade shows. By establishing a need-based assessment, we can put a price on the head of every child in a school. Consequently, Americans can see the importance of our mission and the need for us to meet our fundraising goals.

We will pick our campaign’s winning region and establish a model in that region. We will use our model region to learn and record the best practices and impacts of our project in the region’s school districts. Having a thriving school district model will motivate other Americans to support our mission. This model will also create a demonstrably scalable security system installation across schools in America.

  • What happens when you become a Partner with ProtectAllKids?

When you become a monthly supporter of ProtectAllKids you make a powerful commitment in support of our mission. Our Partners are a group of passionate, caring individuals who are committed to making schools across America safe for our children.

You commit to a monthly gift that ensures program services are reliable and never interrupted due to lack of funding. Our promise to you is to share the stories of children, schools, and Veterans whose lives you are changing. We’ll do this through:
Regular email updates
Reports from our relief workers and contractors
Results and highlights of the programs you’re funding
Opportunities to connect directly with the team inside ProtectAllKids and Exclusive invitations to special events.

  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, donations to ProtectAllKids are tax-deductible. If you have questions or live outside of the United States, please contact your tax advisor.

  • Do you offer the corporate gift-matching program?

Please contact your HR department and to ensure your company participates in our gift matching program. If yes, please fill out the gift matching form.

Please complete the employee portion of the form and remit to ProtectAllKids Attn: ProtectAllKids Gift Matching, 1140 Avenue of the Americas, Floor 9, Suite 7, New York, NY 10036 or send an email us through our Contact Us page. When we receive your donation form, we will verify your gift and remit back to your company for the match.

  • How can I donate stock or mutual funds?

Donating appreciated securities – such as stock or mutual funds – to ProtectAllKids is a tax-wise approach to supporting our mission. Donors can choose to give gifts to ProtectAllKids using long-term appreciated stocks and mutual funds due to the attractive tax advantages associated with such gifts.

The benefits available to you when making a charitable contribution of stock or mutual funds may include:

Avoiding federal and state tax on the capital gain
Making a more substantial gift at a lower original cost to you
Receiving an income tax deduction for the full market value of the gift if you itemize deductions on your tax return and have held the assets one year or longer.

Please continue to visit our donations page for updates on how you can donate stocks or mutual funds to ProtectAllKids.

  • Where do I mail my donation to ProtectAllKids?

Please mail checks/money orders to ProtectAllKids 1140 Avenue of the Americas, Floor 9, Suite 7, New York, NY 10036. Make checks payable to ProtectAllKids. Please write the reason for the donation in the memo field. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  • How do I make a wire transfer to ProtectAllKids?

Thank you so much for your interest. Please send an email to for wire transfer details.

  • How quickly do you receive funding for donations made by text message?

We have not set up our donations to be raised by SMS or text. Please follow our social media accounts, subscribe and continue to visit our FAQ page for updates.

  • How do I know when ProtectAllKids accepts my gift?

After donating on our website, our donors will receive an immediate confirmation of their contribution. We will take a log of a donation (personal check or money order) that is mailed in on the same day we receive it. We will send an email afterward confirming the receipt. 

  • Can I donate if I live in Canada, the UK, or other countries?

Yes, but at the moment, we only accept donations in U.S. dollars. Foreign donors giving in US dollars (i.e., via credit card) will receive an email acknowledgment from ProtectAllKids. You will need to consult your tax advisor in your country to determine if your donation is tax-deductible in your country.

Can I help collect funds for ProtectAllKids?

There are endless ways that you can raise funds to support our mission. Whether it’s an athletic challenge, a special occasion, or your unique creation, you can make a big difference and have a great time doing it.  

  • We have partnered with Blaubaud to create a powerful fundraising feature for our crisis relief campaign. 
  • Blackbaud is a cloud computing provider that serves businesses like nonprofits, foundations, education institutions, and healthcare organizations.
  • Blackbaud peer-to-peer fundraising™ is the leading social giving platform that empowers supporters to fundraise for our cause and grow support for our organization.
  • Our peer-to-peer fundraising is powered by JustGiving.™ Please click on Get Involved to learn how to become a fundraiser. You will learn how to create your fundraising page and share your customized link with your friends, family, and supporters.
  • Fundraisers who raise more than $110,000 will receive a minimum guaranteed $10,000 cash gift. The more you raise, the higher your tax-free cash gift. Social media influencers, public figures, community leaders, socialists, and promoters will find this peer-to-peer fundraising feature lucrative because they can reach out to a large number of donors through their social media platform. Please click here to sign up now and start fundraising for our charity.

How can I volunteer at ProtectAllKids?

Volunteers for ProtectAllKids educate, advocate, and fundraise for the organization. 

How do I apply for employment at ProtectAllKids?

We are delighted that you are interested in being part of our family. Please visit our career center to search for jobs.

I need financial assistance, help with medical bills or other personal issues, can ProtectAllKids help me?

ProtectAllKids is not legally set up to provide direct financial assistance to individuals. However, we will set up outreach programs that can provide individual assistance and community resources. Please follow us on all our social media platforms, subscribe to our mailing list, and continue to visit our website for updates.

Other beneficial programs.

We do not offer these programs but majority of them are free online courses. Click on the link below each description to learn more.

1: Certified Medical Assistant

There are accelerated 6-10 week online certificate training programs for aspiring Medical Assistants.

2: Emergency Medical Technician 

There are 1-3 months of EMT training from several accredited schools.

3: Certified Medical Coding Specialist (CCS)

 Several accredited schools are offering a quick 8 weeks of CCS training. Click to learn more.

Top universities offering free certification courses

  1. Stanford University offers free certification courses
  2. Harvard University offers free Online Courses & Degrees.
  3. UC Berkeley offers free UC Berkeley certifications
  4. Johns Hopkins University offers free online courses
  5. Microsoft offers Free Online Courses
  6. MIT Open Courseware offers an online hub of resources. Click to learn more.

Here are some popular certifications that can help advance your career. Project Management Professional, Human Resources certifications, Risk Management Professional Certificate, Leadership and Management Certificate, Sales certifications, Desktop analyst certifications, Salesforce certification, and Hubspot’s Inbound certification. Click to learn more.

Still looking for answers? Click to contact us. Thanks 🙂