Life After COVID-19


Scholarships & Paid Internships

There is a growing list of mystifying theories in the wake of this pandemic. Some people think there is a link between coronavirus and 5G wireless technology while some are still in denial calling the virus a hoax. Some say it emerged from nature based on genetic analysis. However, some believe its a big pharma made-in-the-lab for-profit scheme.

Amidst the confusion and propagation of misinformation, our blackest and brownest communities certainly have the highest number of COVID-19 casualties. Some families cannot even afford to bury their loved ones in dignity. To make matters worse, about 26 million Americans lost their jobs in the past five weeks. Most Americans affected by this pandemic, do not have an emergency fund that covers at least three months of expenses. 

We are now living in a time of uncertainty of life after COVID-19. How can we support working Americans to get back to the norm? What can we do to restore jobs and salvage our teetering economy?

To assist, our charity – ProtectAllKids created a crisis relief program. Our project entails an Economy Stabilization Initiative and a Public Health Protection Plan. Under our Economy Stabilization Initiative, we created a platform for new online scholarships and internships for students who weren’t able to secure a 2020 summer internship because of the outbreak. 

We partnered with Amazon Web Services and Oracle Taleo – the world’s most used job recruitment platform and largest Applicant Tracking System to bring these jobs to American residents during this grueling time. We also partnered with Paychex – our nation’s best payroll provider for new businesses. 

The average salary of our new employees is $3,000 for up to 3 months. Paychex will ensure our new hires receive their paychecks on time.

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Creative American Award

In honor of our military service members affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, our charity created the $250,000 Creative American Award. We launched the Creative American Award to encourage Americans to tap into their creative skillset. 

During this lockdown, we encourage Americans to get creative. Participants can submit their talent or new business ventures on our page for contestants. Americans will vote and pick the winner of our $250,000 grand prize. 

The dollar value of each vote is a quarter of a penny. Be as creative as you can. Show the people that your talent or business idea will contribute to our economy. Impress the Americans to win big.

Tutor of the Month Award

At ProtectAllKids, we believe that we are a nation of pioneers; with the right platform and resources, we will rise above this pandemic. We created the Tutor of The Month Award to encourage Americans to learn new skills during this lockdown, share their knowledge, and promote meaningful education. 

Participants can also win $10,000 Tutor of the Month Award by sharing knowledge through educative tweets using our Charity’s mention @ProtectAllKids and our hashtags #ProtectAllKidsTalent, ProtectAllKidsEducation, #ProtectAllKidsAward, and #TutorOfTheMonth. We will use Twitter’s hashtag tracking tool to pick our top contributor. At the end of the month, the scholar with the most educative tweets using our hashtags wins. 

Our charity’s job and scholarship program is part of our Economy Stabilization Initiative. One of the main scholarships is the $250,000 Creative American Award. Our charity will award this scholarship to the most creative idea initiated during this pandemic. The winner will use the funds to start a profitable business, brand, and talent development, fulfill purchase orders, and or create jobs if need be.

Our scholarship program also covers five major fields of study; finance, engineering, creative design, healthcare, and sales/advertising. We require our employees to stay at home, learn a new skill, and earn a certificate from our scholarship program.

Here are some short-term certificate training programs that can help Americans jumpstart a good-paying career after the pandemic.

Harvard’s Business School CORe scholarship

Harvard’s Business School Online CORe program offers a unique and engaging way for people to learn vital business concepts. You can use the CORe certificate to you earn a promotion, advance your career, or explore alternative career paths. 

The online application is free. If you apply between May 1st and the May 11th deadline and get accepted, send your acceptance letter to Our charity will pay your tuition directly to Harvard Business Online School. The CORe 2020 program starts on 5/19/2020 and ends on 7/30/2020.

Johns Hopkins University online scholarship

During this quarantine season, we thought it will be beneficial to offer at least one free JH’s engineering course. Our charity will pay your tuition if you apply and get accepted to take the Signals and Systems 525.202.81 online class. 

This class starts on 05/26/2020 and ends on 08/18/2020. The application process takes 3-5 weeks to process. The sooner you apply the higher your chances of getting accepted before the start date. Acceptance prerequisites are two or more semesters of calculus and differential equations.

Columbia University digital marketing scholarship

Columbia University School of Engineering is offering an 18-week Digital Marketing program. This boot camp starts on June 8, 2020, in New York City. You will need to be at least 18 years old and have a GED or High School diploma. As part of the admission process, you must pass an online aptitude test and a virtual interview. Our organization is offering a $10,000 scholarship to the first person who applies by May 11th and receives an offer letter from this program. If Columbia engineering approves your application, send the offer letter to

Certified Medical Assistant scholarship

New York City sent out a push alert to all phones asking licensed healthcare workers to volunteer in overburdened facilities. We are offering an accelerated online certificate training programs for aspiring Medical Assistants. Medical assistants earn an average of $30,590 annually without a college degree.

We are offering scholarships to our new employees to earn accredited Medical Assistant certificates through the U.S. Career Institute. USCI is a private, distance-learning educational institution established over 35 years ago. This online medical assisting program offers first aid, front office procedures, medical insurance info, pharmacology, blood pressure cuff, medical watch, stethoscope, etc. 

Upon graduation, USCI will provide you with career coaching to help you land the perfect job. Fill out your application by May 11th. When you receive your acceptance letter send it to Our charity will pay your tuition to USCI.

Microsoft certificate scholarship

Jump-start your career, earn recognition, and validate your skills in a job role with industry-recognized Microsoft certifications. Our charity is offering accredited learning using Microsoft Learning Online Program. Through Microsoft e-learning, you can earn a role-based technical certification that shows you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements. There are over 16 different certifications to select, each with an exam to take to become Microsoft certified. Microsoft’s certification courses are also college credit transferable and have been useful in helping graduates receive promotions to better jobs or higher-paying positions. At ProtectAllKids, we want you to skill up, earn a Microsoft badge, prove your expertise to employers and peers, and get the recognition you deserve. When this quarantine is over, our employees will be ready to get back to the workforce as skilled employees. Our workers who start new businesses will have the resources to scale and receive a significant return on our investment.

Google Inc. Certifications

Google has 91.98% market share of search engines worldwide and leads the world in mobile and digital ad revenue. 

If you want to succeed in the digital marketing field, take advantage of Google’s free SkillShop online training and earn the coveted Adwords certificate. Adwords is all about generating revenue from quick online sales. Getting Google Ad certified will make you more appealing to hiring managers. If you prefer to start your own business, having a Google Partner badge will increase your online business credibility, attract more customers, and reach the right people at the right time. 

Improve mental health and hygiene

During this unprecedented time, we must indulge in self-care, nurture our souls, protect our sanity, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Our employees can use some of their salaries to invest in healthy diets, strengthen their immune system, stay energized, healthier and happier.

Reduce the number of domestic violence cases

There is a high probability that the more people we hire, the lesser the number of domestic violence cases. Reason being that our new employees will occupy their time with our charity’s new paying online jobs. Family members can feel at ease, stay sane and stick together.

Pay bills

The cost of living in some cities like NYC is very high. Our new  employees can use their salary from our charity to pay rent, utilities, and cover other living expenses. 

With the $2 million kick-off fund, we will start the hiring process. We will also solicit donations from our fellow Americans to raise more funds. Our charity is a tax-exempt organization. All contributions are tax-deductible.
We are all in this together. We are all we got.

Who’s eligible to apply to our jobs? 

Our charity created these internships for students and new grads who weren’t able to secure a job or 2020 summer internship because of the COVID-19 outbreak, and for unemployed Americans who do not receive unemployment benefits. We accept applications from every job seeker authorized to work in America regardless of their educational background or prior work experience.

Our charity embraces the concept of giving everyone a deserving chance. In addition to receiving employees’ salaries, you will receive our training license that you will use to learn new skills. Skills that will make you indispensable to a company.

Funds from our Donors

We are dedicating our $1 million kick off funds to support our scholarship disbursement and job hiring process. We know how it feels to get stuck in a situation, hoping and praying that someone out there comes through for you. There are so many donations, loans, grants, and bailout checks for small businesses and large corporations. However, there are barely any relief funds for students and job seekers who do not qualify for one of the many available grants. Everyone deserves a helping hand. Thus, we created the most comprehensive, all-inclusive crisis relief plan.

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Funds raised from Guinness world record competition

Competition breeds success! As part of our strategy to meet our fundraising goals, we are competing for three Guinness World Record titles.

The first competition is for the most money raised online for charity in 24 hours. The second competition is for the most money raised online in 24 hours by an individual campaign, and the third competition is for the most individual donations on a single platform in 24 hours.

For us to successfully beat the current world record holders – PayPal Inc., UK’s Mr. Sutton, and China respectively, we must raise $46 million by 106,000 individuals in 24 hours. 

We are raffling off one thousand $5000 gift cards to encourage donors to take part in our GWR competition. We will select 1000 winners at random on a first-come-first-serve basis. The sooner you donate to our crisis relief campaign, the higher your chances of winning one of our gifts. 

Please Donate Now to help us win these titles to support our new jobs and scholarships. A win for us is a win for every American.

Inter-State competition

Our charity will host an inter-state competition. We will select the winning State based on the total amount of funds raised by each State. We will also consider the ratio of the total number of donors to the population of each State. Through our donor-reward program, we will dedicate 20% of the total funds raised to residents and supporters of the State that raised the most amount of funds. Our interstate competition will motivate more Americans and supporters of our mission to take part in our fundraising campaign.

Peer-to-peer Fundraising

We have partnered with Blackbaud to create a powerful fundraising feature for our crisis relief campaign. Blackbaud is a cloud computing provider that serves businesses like nonprofits, foundations, education institutions, and healthcare organizations.

Our peer-to-peer fundraising is powered by JustGiving.™ To sign up, click on the “Start fundraising now” button, fill out a short form, and create your campaign. You will generate a personal fundraising link afterward. Share your campaign with your followers, friends, family, and supporters. 

Our fundraisers will receive valuable gifts from us as a token of our appreciation. 

Become a Partner

Our crisis relief strategy focuses on jobs and scholarships for industry-specific certifications. Our short-term skills training will help Americans jumpstart a good-paying career after the pandemic. We offer significant returns to our partners for their social investment in our organization. To find out more about the benefits of partnering with us, contact us at or click the button below to start fundraising now.

Revenue and Expense tracker

People often wonder where and how charities spend the funds raised during fundraising campaigns. At ProtectAllkids, we value transparency. You can view live updates of our charity’s revenue and expense daily report.