ProtectAllKids® is a nonprofit organization on a mission to promote school safety and creative education.

We believe that to promote quality education; we must improve safety measures in schools across America. Thus, we focus on ending active school shootings while promoting creative education through internships, scholarships, and creative awards.

We all ought to be tired of sending thoughts and prayers without backing up our prayers with actions. We are losing our innocent kids to senseless acts of gun violence because of criminals who obtain guns legally and illegally. 

We must invest in combat-readiness and year-round protection for all schools in America. Our Organization – ProtectAllKids – is primarily focused on hiring well trained Veteran guards for the role of a school security specialist. Our new hires must pass thorough medical and security clearance before coming on board to work in our school premises. 

We will also install bulletproof entryways, rapid scan baggage scanners, metal detectors, and other high-end security systems in each participating school. We will work with the superintendent of each school district to ensure every school has the most effective crisis plan and safety solution. 

Our commitment will always be to promote school safety and improve the quality of education in our schools. We will continue to fundraise to support our mission and provide solutions to issues voted by Americans as the most critical problems facing our country.

During this pandemic, our top priority is to provide relief to American residents by creating paid internships. Our employees will receive $3000 salaries to meet short-term obligations while working on themselves to improve their creative skillset. To learn about our new jobs and scholarships through our Economy Stabilization Initiative, click the button below.

Our Vision

At ProtectAllKids®, we believe that a peaceful, safe school environment will promote our children’s cognitive aspects of learning, by providing them with a sound sense of security, comfort, and focus on high-quality, meaningful education. To achieve the highest level of school safety, we will create security guard jobs for our best Veterans. Our highly trained guards will be well prepared to disarm an active shooter and neutralize terror threats.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to end active school shootings, while promoting quality education. We hire well trained Veteran guards for the role of a school security specialist. Our new hires must pass thorough medical and security clearance. We also install baggage scanners in each participating school to enforce a weapon-free learning environment.

Our Core Values

Our Core values are integrity, trust, transparency, and open communication. Our core values are the foundation of our organization. These attributes are essential to our success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every decision.

Our Impact

At ProtectAllKids®, we encourage Americans to speak out for change. We’re amplifying individuals’ voices on important community issues. As America’s most prominent relief organization, we provide a platform for people to take meaningful actions that will make a huge difference. 

Our main goal is to ensure an active shooter does not successfully make his or her way past the main school entrance. At Protectallkids®, we firmly believe that the presence of highly skilled security specialists at each school’s entryway will ensure an active shooter is immediately apprehended and severely punished before he or she harms any school kid. The presence of these Veteran guards will help end the era of active school shootings in America. 

In a bid to attract and retain top tier talents based on qualifications, experience, temperament, and background, we will offer a very competitive salary. Our security guards will receive comprehensive health and benefits insurance that includes worker’s compensation, 401(k) plans, section 125 & flexible spending plan, and semiannual bonuses for outstanding performances. Our carefully screened talents will stand in the line of fire to protect our kids and mitigate security threats within our school premises.


At Protectallkids®, we believe in a security principle that puts the safety of our school children first. Subsequently, we will spare no expense to ensure we provide premium security equipment and guards with the experience and capability to deliver comprehensive security solutions. 

Our real purpose and acquisitions lie only in our charity’s mission. As long as we have the support of the American people, we are confident that we will meet and exceed all expectations.

Social workers & psychotherapists

To end active shootings in our schools, we must invest in hiring seasoned social workers and psychotherapists. These psychologists will help spot the earliest behavioral signs in school kids. They will watch out for students that may be veering toward violence before they harm themselves or others. 

A study by the U.S. Secret Service found that nearly three-quarters of school shooters had been bullied or harassed at school. Our employees will also work on ending bullying in schools by providing aid and counseling to troubled kids from broken homes. By investing in psychotherapy, we can ensure all kids feel loved and safe in their learning environment.

Veteran security specialists

In a bid to reduce the number of unemployed veterans by at least 50%, ProtectAllKids will create 100,000 new jobs for the role of a physically fit and mentally stable security specialist. Our new hires must pass a thorough security clearance process to be able to work in our school premises. 

These well-trained security agents will take charge of each school’s entrance to ensure armed trespassers and kidnappers are immediately apprehended and severely punished. The presence of our well trained Veteran guards will also help end bullying in our schools as they will, periodically, patrol school premises to observe & prevent odd hour bullying in classrooms, playgrounds, and hidden corners.

Security tools

We plan to purchase and install 150,000 units of top-notch security tools. 

We are working with manufacturers like Garett USA and CEIA for metal detectors, Rapiscan and Smiths Detection for X-ray Baggage Scanners, Remo Security, and TSS for bullet-resistant doors and main entryways. 

We will install at least one metal detector, one baggage scanner & a bullet-resistant entryway in each participating school.

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