End active shooting incidents in schools across America.


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What we represent

ProtectAllKids® is a 501(c)(3) Charity organization on a mission to end active shooting incidents in schools across America. We all ought to be tired of sending thoughts and prayers without backing up our prayers with actions. Unfortunately, criminals find ways to obtain guns legally and illegally. These homegrown assailants are getting bolder, and we are losing our innocent children to their senseless acts of violence. We must invest in combat-readiness and year-round protection for all schools in America. Our Organization – ProtectAllKids – is primarily focused on hiring well trained Veteran guards for the role of a school security specialist. Our new hires must pass thorough medical and security clearance before coming on board to work in our school premises.We will also install bullet proof entryways, rapid scan baggage scanners, metal detectors and other high-end security systems in all participating schools. Our commitment will always be on promoting school safety in a bid to improve the quality of education in our schools. We will persistently fundraise to support our mission as well as provide resolutions to other America’s high-profile issues – issues voted by Americans as the most critical problems facing our country.

What we represent

Guinness World Record competition

Competition breeds success. In a bid to successfully meet our fundraising goals, we applied to compete for 3 Guinness world record titles. We are competing to become the new world record holders for; (1) most money raised online for charity in 24 hours, (2) most money raised online in 24 hours by an individual campaign and (3) most individual donations for a campaign on a single platform in 24 hours. For us to successfully beat the current world record holders – PayPal Inc., UK’s Mr. Sutton, and China respectively, we must raise $46 million by 106,000 individuals in 24 hours. Please DONATE NOW to help us win these titles in support of our mission. A win for us, is a win for every American.

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Inter-State competition


To further support our mission, we started an interstate competiton Our campaigns are titled the Northeast region, Midwest region, The South region and The West region campaign. These four regions represent all states in America. To support and help improve security in   your state’s public schools, please donate to your state’s region.

The winning state and region will be significantly rewarded.

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